About me

Painting and drawing has always been one of my most loved hobbies. I have been painting since I was 7 years old and find my art class to be my haven.
I enjoy synthesizing my painting skills with my enthusiastic spirit, so anyone who looks at my paintings smiles. I prefer to work with oil paint and color pencil, but I enjoy using other mediums and learning new mediums. All my paintings are about things I enjoy and love.

I have won several competitions including the highly coveted CelebratingArt.com (2017, 2019), Young of Art, Artist of the Year Award (2015), and the Silver Key at Scholastic Art and Writing Competition (2020).

I have always loved art, but ever since I started working with seniors through art classes, I realized that my artistic pursuits can play a pivotal role in mental, physical, and emotional well-being too

Encouraged by the progress I made with seniors, I started my program “Helping Buddies”. I recruit and train volunteers from my school and community to work at senior centers.

Recently, I have started working with kids on the autistic spectrum. I am shadowing and learning from a renowned therapist on how to work effectively with special needs kids. Through Art Workshops and Special Art Projects, I strive to help with their cognitive development, motor skill and emotional well-being. I love to see the looks of joy and accomplishment when my friends complete their artwork.

An ongoing pursuit of artistic excellence is now an integral part of my life and using my skills for greater community impact my goal. I hope to continue to share art with new audiences and enable them to heal through self-expression.


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